Who we are

The Be First Transport Team designs, manages, and delivers transport projects around Barking and Dagenham, which are essential to support growth and the everyday needs of our residents. We believe that providing safe and sustainable transport infrastructure, will encourage more people to travel actively, provide alternatives to car use, support growth, and most importantly improve the health of our residents. Central to this is the work we do in schools, promoting and encouraging pupils to think about how they travel.

The team comprises transport engineers, projects managers, behaviour change experts and active travel advocates. We work closely with colleagues at Barking and Dagenham Council, particularly the consultation team, to ensure we are talking to residents and seeking their views on our projects every step of the way.

We are working relentlessly to deliver now – and also plan for growth – working hard to address congestion on our roads, and providing alternatives to changing transport patterns over the next decade and beyond.

We make it happen through:

The Team

Planning Graduate


Planning Graduate


Transport Co-ordinator


Transport Planner


Principal Transport Planner


Transport Planning Manager


Head of Transport, Infrastructure and Policy Planning


Senior Transport Planner

Joseph Bashford


We have a proven track record of working with developers, land owners, private individuals, housing associations, local authorities, healthcare providers, education providers and investors. –

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Key Projects

Active Travel

Including school events, Car Free day, road safety, car clubs and cycle training.

School Streets

We design, consult and implement School Streets in the Borough. If you want to know more about School Streets, or want to be on the waiting list for a School Street in the future, please contact transportpolicy@befirst.london. Please note, School Streets are funding dependent.

A13 & Major Roads

A 30 year vision for the A13 exploring ways to improve the A13, including encapsulating the road, new bridges and improved junctions. Look out for consultation this year.

Barking Town Centre

Working with C2C to improve Barking Station, improving access to buses with better walking and cycling links.


Improving rail access and building cases for better services at Dagenham East, Dagenham Dock and a new station at Renwick Road.


Creating new cycle routes including completing cycle route 42 (Barking to Barking Riverside), north to south and east to west cycle links.


New bus lanes and improved services including Wood Lane, Longbridge Road, and Whalebone Lane.

Corridor Schemes

To improve walking cycling and bus links. Including, Dagenham Heathway, Valance Avenue, Longbridge Road, Gascoigne Road and Whalebone Lane.

Your Views

Please contact us at transportpolicy@befirst.london to find out more information on the following things: