The framework procurement process has two stages: Selection Questionnaire (SQ) and Invitation to Tender (ITT). The contractor and designer frameworks will be procured in parallel.

  • Following SQ submission, we expect to shortlist between 15-20 consortium teams to go through to ITT for the design framework, and 12-15 contractor teams
  • Following ITT submission, we expect to select eight consortium teams to be appointed to the design framework and six contractors to the contractor framework

Subconsultants can be named on multiple consortia. However, during the ITT stage, the subconsultant can contribute to only one design exercise submission, and must not share design or commercial information between bidding teams. The consortia will be asked to name which organisations participated in the design exercise and for representatives to be present at the interview.

At the project stage, design and contractor teams will be procured off the frameworks via mini-competitions.

Please do not contact individuals within Be First to enquire about the procurement process for the new frameworks. Questions should be directed to Be First via Delta once the SQ is live.

Diagram showing estimated timeline of procurement process. For specific dates please refer to the SQ on Delta