Residents who have submitted planning applications for house extensions will get the opportunity to see their designs brought to life using 3D technology as part of a trial from Be First, the independent urban regeneration company wholly owned by Barking and Dagenham Council.

Using its new mobile planning app, Be First will create a 3D model based on residents’ planning applications to help visualise the final submission. Whether they have already submitted an application or are planning on submitting one soon, local residents will get the opportunity to feed back their experience of taking part in the new trial. Visual representations of planning applications should help improve design quality throughout the planning process, as well as making it more efficient.

The app will also provide easier and quick access to planning data by creating QR codes and internet links to planning application notices, and will be supported by iOS and Android. All of this will make it easier for members of the public to get involved and have their say in local planning.

Laurel Nyberg, Senior Planner at Be First said:
“Everything we do at Be First is rooted in the communities we serve. This digital planning application pilot is an exciting venture that can help to democratise the planning process by making it more accessible to everyone, while supporting our residents to build attractive and well-planned homes and extensions.

“Our communities are what makes our Borough so great. We want them to sign up to the pilot so they can try it out and have their say on the planning applications that affect them.”

Be First proactively finds ways to use innovative ways to improve services and promote high-quality design. The company is committed to finding new and better ways to engage people and communities to keep them informed and engaged throughout the planning process.

Become part of the future of planning in Barking and Dagenham! To sign up to the app, please email