Dagenham Dock and Beam Park

A home to the next generation of London’s sustainable industries.

In the future, a new 42-acre wholesale mega-market will open on the Thames-side site at the former coal port of Dagenham Dock. This facility will combine Smithfield with New Billingsgate — wholesale meat and wholesale fish, markets.

The new market will bring an estimated 2,700 new jobs to Barking and Dagenham and support 7,850 jobs across the UK – an increase of 1,140 (or 17%) on the jobs supported by Billingsgate and Smithfield currently.

This is an unrivalled opportunity for intensification, investment and international rail freight offering potential for thousands more jobs.

Beam Park, Dagenham Green and Merrieland Crescent are being transformed from former Ford industrial land into new communities with associated facilities.