Castle Green

Castle Green has potential to deliver a major new community with around 10,000 new homes, many new jobs, supported by community infrastructure and new green space. The eastern section contains the existing Euro-hub site with opportunities for enhanced rail/freight links from Europe and onward across the UK by rail or road.

Development is currently blighted by the existing A13 and especially the Lodge Avenue flyover which severs the borough, dividing communities. The borough is working with key stakeholders including the Government to examine options to replace the flyover, which is no longer fit-for-purpose and a safety hazard.

Plans include undergrounding the A13 to remove the physical severance, as part of a comprehensive masterplan solution benefiting Castle Green, the London Riverside Area and beyond with improved connections. The solution would be part of an overall transport vision for the area, including a new overground station at Castle Green and supported by additional public transport and cycling and walking links to create a new, sustainable community.