The Council plans to restrict unauthorised traffic along Station Parade, Barking from January 2021 in response to residents’ concerns about road safety.

The improvements outside Barking Station will be introduced for an 18-month trial period and are designed to reduce traffic danger for the thousands of people who work, live or travel through the area daily.

Councillor Cameron Geddes, Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Social Housing, explains: “Barking Station is one of the busiest in London, with 14.5 million commuters a year and rising using it.

“Road traffic accidents have been too high for too long in Station Parade and, even now during lockdown, it’s congested. So, we plan to stop cars using the road unnecessarily.”

Only buses, taxis, cyclists and emergency service vehicles will be allowed to travel along Station Parade.

The Council intends to keep the scheme under review during the trial period and is calling on residents, businesses and users to give their views online. Towards the end of the 18-month trial, the Council will conduct further consultation to establish whether to make the works permanent.

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